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Smart Baby Case Diasterproof and Travel-ready

Traveling with a baby can be challenging. You need to make sure there’s a solid supply of diapers and food as well as lug around that bulky stroller. Sure it comes in handy when you’re transporting your little one, but it becomes the instrument of the devil when it encounters some stairs. It’s even worse with the initial setup. I’ve seen too many parents struggle with getting the blasted thing set up while trying to comfort a crying infant. Whew!


Luggage company Samsonite, held a competition a few months back looking for designers that could design a better way for parents to transport their children. One such concept came from Iranian designer Pouyan Mokhtarani. Called the Smart Baby Case, the design is a hard case pod that borrows design cues from the humble egg, a shape already familiar to a child. The case would keep baby safe and comfortable while the parents navigate the hustle and bustle of pedestrian traffic or get to safety in the case of an emergency.

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