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Smartphone Germ Killer

Ever since I read about the Stanford University study which declared cell phones “dirtier than toilets”, I’ve been totally paranoid about how unclean my phones are. The study declared that touchscreens, in particular, are breeding grounds for e.coli, influenza, staph, strep, and salmonella. I’m a little bit of a germaphobe in the best of times, and now I’ve got a little infant who touches almost everything I do, and has been known to try to eat my iPhone.

What to do? Antibacterial wipes are fine for most plastic cases, but will leave a slightly blurry film on your touchscreen glass. Wipes and sprays meant for cleaning phones and electronics are sometimes alcohol-based, which should help eliminate some germs, but the protection is short-lived. and you can’t reach into tiny spaces like in between keys. A better solution may be the UV Smartphone Sanitizer. The sanitizer, made by Vio Light, the company that makes the toothbrush sanitizers, uses UV light to kill 99.9% of germs on your smartphone, including the ones hiding in tight spaces and wipe-inaccessible corners. You just put your phone in the case and give it a 5-minute UV light shower.

Your phone will emerge germ-free, but of course, germs lurk everywhere so it’s best to treat your phone almost like something you eat from- like a cup- if it’s touched your hands or your face, give it a wipe-down, and then a thorough cleaning later on. Wash your hands constantly, and try to be careful about where you put your phone down. You wouldn’t rub a dirty plate on your face, but a phone laying on a germy table often goes right up to your ear, and certainly all over your hands.

One more thing to worry about, yay. But seriously, keep your phone clean. The UV Smartphone Sanitizer is available for .95 from Hammacher.

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