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Software for (Naked) Celebs

In light of all the nudie photos hacked from celeb phones these days, might we suggest that this is the perfect gift for any public star in your life.

Mobile Security software from Total Defense is a software suite made specifically to protect smartphones. If Scarlett Johansson had Mobile Security, those embarrassing photos of her backside wouldn’t have been splashed all over the internet last week. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake could also have avoided some very public, ah… exposure.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez need to put Total Defense on their wish lists, too.

Here’s what you get:
• Support for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian mobile phone platforms (sorry, no iPhone version yet.)
• Anti-virus and anti-spyware detection and removal
• Remote lock and wipe for lost/stolen devices
• Remote backup of personal data with easy restore to new devices
• Remote GPS locate to find lost and stolen phones
• Anti-spam and firewall filters to eliminate unwanted messages
• Parental controls and monitoring

We think the “remote lock and wipe” would be especially handy. Of course, this assumes that the celebs didn’t “leak” the photos deliberately. There’s no defense against that.

$24.99 for a year subscription at Total Defense.

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