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Sony PSP Has Some New Editions

Well by now, you’ve all heard about the upcoming launch of the latest version of the Sony PlayStation 3, The PS3 Slim. While that was a nice nugget to tickle our fancy, Sony had other tidbits to share. One of which includes the impending release of two brand new PSPs.

Come November, gamers can get their eager hands on the Turquoise Green and Blossom Pink versions of the PSP. Aside from the color, there isn’t much difference from the original – but these new units are more than a pretty face. Each new color will be bundled with a new game. Turquoise is slated to be shipped with LittleBigPlanet.


In other handheld news, the PSP will be launching a new digital reader that will allow users to access a range of media. Set to debut in December, Sony has partnered with Marvel Entertainment and other comic book publishers to give gamers an all access pass to comics and graphic novels much to the glee comic fanboys and girls everywhere.

So to sum things up, a PSP by another color is still just as awesome.

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