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Sony S-Frame Prints Your Favorite Photos

Here’s a digital photo frame I can actually live with. Enough with superfluous features like radio and weather reports. Sony’s new all Sony DPP-F700 a.k.a. the S-Frame digital photo frame. The F700 is multitasking done right, combining a digital photo frame with a printer.


The 7-inch LCD can hold up to 2,000 images thanks to the 1GB of internal storage. There are also slots available for memory sticks, SD cards, and SDHC cards to name a few. Images are viewed in 600 x 400 resolution and can be adjusted to portrait or landscape. Photos can be edited via the frame including crop, enlarge, minimize, brightness, hue, and color adjustments. Photos can also be used to create a calendar, layout print, or slideshow.

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