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Sony’s new iPhone/iPod dock comes with subwoofer, USB


Winging towards more serious iPod dock business, Sony has announced the SRS-GD50iP – a 2.1-channel USB speaker system with an integrated iPhone/iPod docking station.

And this doesn’t look like just another ordinary dock for your iPod/iPhone to sit pretty – the SRS-GD50iP can directly synchronize the iPod/iPhone with iTunes via its USB interface. Even as it can charge the iPod/iPhone and play music (upto 60W) through the well-designed sound system that comprises a 40W subwoofer(!) and two 10W speakers which can be rigged up to your PC via USB. And oh, like the previous docking stations from Sony, this one too comes with a remote control to allow users to play or pause music as well as control volume levels wirelessly. Neat. The SRS-GD50iP is expected to show up (in the US) during the end of August 2009, at a pretty reasonable price range of 0-9.

Via Akihabaranews.

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