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Speakal iPom Givea Floral and Aural Delight

Sometimes gadgets and their designers can take themselves a little too seriously. In the need to show that their new product is worthy of geek worship, tech gets painted in the utilitarian colors of black, white and silver. I’m not a huge fan of tech painted pink and marketed towards women either, but a little color wouldn’t hurt some of these devices.


IPod speaker manufacturer Speakal has always been one to buck the trend, giving us speakers in the shape of cute little piggies, loveable ghosts, and playful pandas. Their latest speaker follows the same irreverent design cues and puts the “aw” in awesome.

The Speakal iPom is an shaped like an apple and has two flowers perched on top acting as speakers with the third hiding out in the apple-shaped base. This pom has a little punch with its 2.1 stereo speaker system, adjustable bass, and 12W subwoofer. In addition to being iPod compatible, the iPom can also play music from USB memory sticks and SD card. It also works with any mp3 player that has a 3.5mm output.

The flower speakers are removable so they can be placed around the room. Retailing for , the iPom is a cute change in pace from the black and silver, slick design gadgets have become.

Via SlashGear

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