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Square Enix Wants You to Smell the Final Fantasy

Star Trek has its own line of fragrances, why not a video game? Courtesy of game publisher, Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning, now has her own perfume line. The fragrance shares the same name as the character and will be available in 50 ml bottles for about .


Lightning Eau de Toilette is described as having notes of peach, followed by rose, and then a feminine musk — whatever that means. While it’s a little outlandish to have a video game-inspired fragrance, considering the wacky merchandising that we’ve seen attached to video games (energy drinks, life-sized sculptures, and the legions of fans that dress up like their favorite character at any comic book/anime convention), this is one of the classier promotions.

The fragrance is set to hit Japanese shelves one month after the game release, just in time for spring. Now loyal gamers can look and even smell like their favorite video games. What’s next, a cologne for Solid Snake?

Via Technabob

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