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Sugru makes any gadget child friendly

Sugru is a new kind of rubber material designed to be added to all kinds of products in order to protect them, improve them and when it comes to gadgets, make them bouncy, bright and child friendly.

Jane, the brains behind Sugru, says on the official website that the material is for “hacking, improving and repairing your stuff” and not only can it be moulded, squashed and manipulated, but it’s also dishwasher-proof, heat resistant and super durable.

Granted it doesn’t make anything look particularly sleek or “pretty”, but Sugru is about making things work more efficiently and hacking them until they do, which is much more useful in the long run!

12 mini packs of the bright and squishy stuff can be bought directly from the Sugru website for around $18.

Via Crenk.

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