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I am always intrigued by new designs that aim at energy saving, which is probably why my attention was caught by Switch a power socket designed by Yong-jin Kim. Switch’s purpose is to help users save on their electricity bills that are often affected by the Stand-By power of many appliances and gadgets left plugged in. By making it very easy and effortless to disconnect any type of power-sucking device, the consumer’s “lazy” or “forgetful” behavior can therefore be modified. So, instead of bending down all the way to your power socket and unplug whatever is contributing to both a bad consumer and environmental behavior, you can now bend all the way down but simply turn the plug to turn it off.

And now I wonder, is Switch really making a difference?

I like its concept and sleek design but I am not convinced that it will influence a behavioral pattern for the better. Granted, its fancy style will make my power sockets look a lot nicer and my apartment a lot tidier than if I would have a bunch of unplugged cords lying around, but if I forget or am just too lazy to unplug my appliances I wonder how Switch will make it any easier for me to either remember or make it so effortless to unplug the incriminating device that I will actually go ahead and do it.

Via Yanko Design.

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