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T-Mobile lets loose glamor with the Sony Ericsson Equinox


T-Mobile adds more allure to its 3G phones with this latest from Sony Ericsson – the Sony Ericsson Equinox (earlier named T707). Otherwise a basic flip-phone in functionality, the Equinox carries some eye-catching bling to push itself to the limelight amongst the other established clamshell models in the market. First is the stylish exterior – after you update your T-Mobile favorites list with your caller friends’ circle, the shell lights up to indicate the identity of the caller in one of the five available colors. Say “amber” for good friend Joe and “amethyst” for avoidable Erica. I say, a thumbs-up for people with good memory, and more confusion for those without. Other than that, the external shell also contains an 128 x 36 OLED screen that functions only when you get an incoming call.

If you didn’t fall for that, here’s the next – the phone flaunts a scratch-resistant 2.2-inch QVGA inner screen, a 3.2MP camera, stereo Bluetooth connectivity, GPS for navigation, and an FM radio. It uses motion sensing for some gesture control – to silence a call or an alarm without opening the device. The phone also supports picture messaging and the provision to directly upload videos to YouTube. Poser or not you decide, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. The Equinox is due to go on sale today (October 28th) in T-Mobile stores. The price is pegged at with a 2-year contract agreement.

Via UnwiredView.

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