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The Little Gadget that Could Save Your Life


With the earthquake in DC and Hurricane Irene bearing down, this might be a good time to re-check your emergency kit.

After water and food, you’ll need a dependable emergency radio. We have an old eton radio (review here), powered by batteries, which we keep separately, but we aren’t as good as we should be about checking them regularly.

But now the company has come up Rover, which is operated by a hand turbine, and is co-licensed with the American Red Cross. This is a 50% more efficient hand
turbine than previous models – just one-minute of cranking yields 15 minutes of LED light and/or radio use. No more battery worries.

In addition to providing a radio signal with NOAA weather band, the
radios in the TurboDyne series can provide an LED light source, clock, and the ability to charge a cell phone via USB. It does everything but stream itunes.

Add this to your emergency kit and you’ll be ready for the next earthquake or hurricane.Bet the White House wishes they had one this week.

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