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The new PBS NewsHour: Pick and choose the news to use


The PBS NewsHour is undergoing major remodeling. That’s good news for US newshounds who need more than a flood of celebrity gossip followed by 20-second snippets of real news but don’t have time to watch an hour-long broadcast every evening.

The NewsHour has beefed up its online presence in a major way and also embraced podcasts, RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter. Even if you don’t own a TV, you can keep up with the NewsHour’s in-depth treatment of the day’s news automagically.

Listen to interviews with movers and shakers and the smart folks who analyze their moves and shakes, Paul Solman’s lucid explanations of what’s up (and down!) in the financial world, international news from all over, plus thoughtful looks at current issues like health care reform, the environment, the arts….life, the universe, and everything.

There’s way more here than the NewsHour folks are able to cram into their daily hour on TV, but it’s served cafeteria-style, so you can pick and choose just what news you can use. And there are extras like special material for teachers to bring to their classrooms.

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