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The Oona smart phone stand

The Oona: Whatever You Need It to Be from Brad Leong on Vimeo.

We love the look of The Oona cell phone accessory, which at first glance just seems like any other smart phone stand. However, it’s super customisable, simply play around with the little screw and sliding mechanism and turn it into a countless number of positions and uses, hang it from a cupboard, turn it into a camera stand, clip it to the back of a chair on a train, the list really could go on and on.

The Oona is made from aluminium, which means it’s pretty tough, but it doesn’t look too clunky or ugly either. It’s a lovely product that is available to buy from Kickstarter for around $25, as the team behind The Oona are currently looking for additional funding.

Via Swiss Miss.

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