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The RollTop laptop wraps up like a banner, sports a flexible OLED display


Some geeks are crazier than we imagine. Thanks to their craziness and some great OLED technology, we might soon have laptops that have gone the way of those charming papyrus scrolls of ancient times. Ah yes, if Orkin Design’s Rolltop ever comes into our lives, even the zippiest laptops of today may become pieces of history that our children will learn from a trip to the museum.

Okay, that’s easier said than done, but no harm in letting ourselves oggle and drool over this crazy German invention that looks (and functions) like a laptop/tablet, but rolls up like a hedgehog when you are done. The Rolltop is the concept for a laptop/tablet PC that has a flexible, multitouch OLED display that spreads out in a 17-inch screen when open, but rolls up into a 13-inch portable cylinder when closed. The stylus, power adapter and USB ports are all on a detachable stand while the other standard accompaniments such as the mouse, keyboard, webcam and power cable are integrated beautifully into the Rolltop itself. And the OLED display also means a much lower power consumption and an “outstanding” battery life.

Is that the most awesome design we’ve set our eyes on lately? Nah. That’s an understatement.

Catch the Rolltop video after the break.

Via Gizmodo.

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