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Touch Stick can help hygiene freaks step an inch away from germ threats


You’ve been giving that nasty little germ buggers a miss quite often, but always have the nagging feeling that they are all ready to creep over you each time you use the keypad at the ATM, or the elevator buttons. Well one thing’s for sure – you are a certified hygiene paranoid. And there are companies that live by people like you – for sure the one that makes these little plastic keys called the Touch Sticks.

These keys have a special design – wide, flat round ends for pushing mechanical buttons such as those on ATM terminals, or gas stations. So that you can stay a safe distance from the little microbes. Just add a couple of them on your key chain before you leave home and the halo of protection walks out with you. But then again, what about the germs that get on to the Touch Stick itself while you are using it? Hah, never mind. Gotta be insane to spend .99 on this one.

Via The Red Ferret.

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