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TweetingSeat combines online and offline interactions


Although there are plenty of virtual worlds, fake identities and secret lives played out online, more and more people are using the Internet (particularly social networks) in a way that is no longer distinct or separated from their real lives. In fact an increasing number of people switch between online and offline worlds quite naturally, whether that be speaking about a real life experience on Twitter or talking to someone in real life and arranging to go and meet them on Facebook Chat later.

This is why the idea behind TweetingSeat is so interesting, as it provides a real location that people can visit which will then tweet and stream live video of what the user is doing online. It does seem like a bit of a gimmick and to be honest I’m pretty sick of seeing the Twitter bird everywhere as it is. But it’s still a nice experiment, I just wonder if anyone will actually go and sit there if they know all of their followers might be watching in anticipation of their next move…

Via UberGizmo.

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