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Undercover Laptop Sleeve looks too worthless to be stolen


The easiest way to discourage thieves from getting at your laptop? Stash it away in a case that looks so worn out that no one can ever guess the little treasure that is hiding within. Reminds me of my grandmother’s advice for undertaking a peaceful trip – to hide jewelery and money within balls of crumpled newspaper and then carelessly (seemingly) toss them into the luggage. Which has worked for me to this day.

The Undercover Laptop Sleeve does exactly that for your laptop. Since it resembles a worn-out postal envelope, it is not only easy to camouflage your laptop, but also protects it from damage as it is actually a well-padded laptop sleeve by design. The sleeve is waterproof and tearproof. And to add that extra touch of reality, you can even write on the envelope. Genius or what?

I just hope that there aren’t enough well-informed thieves to get around this one. Get yours for a worthy .

Via Slippery Brick.

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