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Urbanears Plattan Headphones


Though I’m normally partial to in-ear headphones, I decided to give the Urbanears Plattan headphones a whirl and was very impressed.

I admit to being a sound snob. I usually go toting around in 0 professional headphone gear, so I was skeptical about anything with a price tag. I’m pleased to report, however, that these stylish, full-sized headphones delivered great sound that was music [pun intended] to these audiophile ears. I plugged into my iPhone and cranked some thumping dance tunes. Clear, rich sound with no bass breakdown or muddiness. Their adjustability even made them start off comfortably on my fat head and their light weight made them stay comfortable.

The Plattans feature an in-line microphone and remote compatible with the iPhone and Nokia, HTC and Blackberry phones along with two extra cable extensions making the headphones compatible with a majority of all devices. Also featured is the “zound plug” which allows you to daisy-chain another set of headphones to let a friend listen in. This set also folds up to a neat, compact size for convenient transport. And, finally, the best part… 14 fashionable colors to choose from, with everything from basic black to ocean blue and salad green.

Great listening at a great price.

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