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USB TurboCharger 3400 keeps your mobile devices from giving up


Living within a “connected” planet where mobile devices almost define our identities, it becomes imperative for them to have (if possible) zero downtime. I sometimes wonder if the companies which make chargers for these mobile devices make more money than those that develop the devices in the first place. Hmm…

That said, the USB TurboCharger 3400 is another portable charger that can be used exclusively to crank up your mobile devices – mp3 players, cellphones or smartphones. The TurboCharger itself stores juice (3400 mAh storage) while it is connected to your PC/laptop’s USB port and can decently charge several of your devices before it runs out completely. The device is sleek and compact, with an attractive LED display that shows the level of charge remaining. It comes with a retractable cable and range of interchangeable connector heads for different mobile devices. Will cost ya .

Via The Red Ferret.

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