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Vanity, Thy Name is Ad Notum


Let’s face it. Sometimes we look so good its hard to stop checking ourselves out in the mirror. Ad notam, creator of the LCD mirror is about to make the dilemma that much harder, thanks to it’s new Vanity line of mirrors. Shaped like a halved oval or a subtly curved “V”, the Vanity is a stylish way to admire oneself.

The mirror is an ample 23.3″ h. 11.2″ w. 1.3″, making sure there’s more than enough view to go around. It also rotates horizontally and vertically so users can always find the right angle. The 5.6″ patented LCD Mirror Image is nestled near the bottom of the mirror to further entertain the beholder.

The Mirror Image screen can support a number signal sources including DVD, PC, TV, and HD. It’s customizable, so there’s always a reason to peer into the looking glass. Prospective buyers can also choose from a number of mounting and sound options.

Easy to clean and pretty to look at, the Vanity mirror from ad notum is a cool place to say your daily affirmations.

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