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Very Expensive iPhone 4s Case


Some of us are born rich; for the rest of us , there’s The luxury site focuses on objects only 1% of the population can afford, but it’s fun to ogle some of the expensive gadgets.

For instance, in honor of Steve Jobs, watch creator De Bethune has designed a “Dream Watch” iPhone 4s cover, in a limited edition of just 12 , with a beautiful clock in the back of the high grade titanium casing.

Like his DB25 watch, the dial of the built in watch is the same night sky blue, with tiny diamonds that give the appearance of sparkling stars.

Calling it the “pocket watch” for the 21st century may be a little pompous but there’s no denying the beauty of the design.

For most of us, we use our iPhone as our time-piece; now it can do double-duty and function as a piece of art.

But don’t run right out to buy one: the official launch of the case isn’t until January 15- 20 next year at the De Bethune exhibition at Hotel des Berges, in Geneva.

And you know what they say if you have to ask the price….

Figure that his entry level watch starts at $50,000 and you get the idea.

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