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Wallets by Petra in a bag


Whoda thunk that there was any use for the paint chip samples they have by the dozens in every home store other than to… well… pick out paint?

The creative talent behind Petra in a bag, has made sure there is an answer to that question… wallets.

Woven from recycled paint chip sample cards, Petra’s wallets are not only unique, but the available choice of colors puts your latest J. Crew catalog to shame! The wallets are available in various styles as part of Petra’s line of eco-friendly, hand-crafted goods that includes handbags, eye pillows, and newly-to-market cup cozies.

The wallets feature a clear, protective outer layer that adds durability. The larger models also have a color-keyed elastic to keep everything held in place.

If you like unique and like exclusive, a Petra wallet might be just the accessory you have been looking for.

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