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Okay, it’s almost time to start switching from our fall gear into our winter wear. Are you wondering whether those slouchy boots clash with that bag or if you can get away with wearing leggings under that dress? Before you shell out a small fortune making potential fashion faux pas, mayhaps you should pay a visit to

A new web startup, Shmotter is your own personal lookbook. Populated with clothes and accessories from a large selection of retailers, the site allows fashion mavens to put a look together without the hassle of running from store to store like a mad woman. Just select the piece of clothing or fashion accoutrement you want to sort through using the available tab to select from tops, dresses, bags, etc.


When you’ve find the piece you’re looking for simply drag it over to the left side of the screen to add to part of your look and rinse, wash, and repeat until you’ve created your look. And since sometimes you really need a second opinion, you can save your outfit to your profile and have the Shmotter community vote on your wardrobe to determine whether it’s a fashion hit or miss. (The outfit that you’re viewing in the pic is one I put together. I call it Dark and Stormy. Thoughts?)

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