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Water-powered Can Clock tells time using juice from water


Sound pretty complicated? But not the principle behind this one-of-a-kind eco-friendly Water Powered Clock from Green Stamp. The idea is, simply, to use energy from water to keep the clock alive and ticking.

Judge it not yet. Because the Water Powered Clock is a small, albeit hugely significant, indicator of how modern electrochemical technology can be used to create electronics without emission or additional burden on existing “non-green” energy sources. And the clock is very conveniently designed for that very same purpose – a can into which you have to pour water once every 6 months to keep it running. A great product to introduce kids to green tech.

The can-shaped clocks are available in 4 colors at £9.99 (around US ). And yes, the results maybe unexpected in case you decide to get creative with the choice of liquid. We guess.

Via Shiny Shiny.

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