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Wear Your Favorite Celebrity’s DNA

Some people pine to look like their favorite celebrities while others just want to dress like them. Now, you can actually smell like your favorite celebrity. Perfume company My DNA Fragrance is taking scents to decidedly creepy level. Using DNA from your favorite celebrities, they are creating custom fragrances using your favorite celebrity’s hair samples.


Selling under the “Antiquity” line, the list of famous hair donors include Marilyn Munroe, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Kathrine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, and Albert Einstein. Thanks to a promotional sale. each cologne or perfume costs .99 with a percentage of the proceeds going to the celebrity’s estate as well as the charities they supported. If the celebrity did not have a charity, My DNA Fragrance will donate to one on their behalf.

If smelling like someone else just isn’t your thing, you can send in your own genetic code via a cotton swab and have your own scent made into a perfume or cologne. Or you can gift a bottle of
“Eau de You” to someone special in your life. It’s a 50/50 shot of generating an “awww” or and “ewwww” repsonse.

Via Born Rich

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