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What’s your favorite (imaginary) gadget?

After 15 happy months, my time at Popgadget has come to a close (I know, I’m sad too. But I won’t cry. *sniffsniff*)

In that time, I’ve loved writing about the weird and the wonderful in the world of tech. I’ve seen some inventions that made perfect sense (every home should have a disco coffee table) and others that boggled my mind (USB breast warmers – enough said).

So this article in The Guardian about household gadgets that haven’t been invented but should be got me thinking. I hate taking showers (and don’t get me started on baths) but obviously I have to, or I wouldn’t have any friends. And no-one would serve me in shops and restaurants and stuff.

Why has no-one invented the dry shower yet? Haven’t we been taunted for years with the notion that we would one day be vibrated dry (which sounds like fun and possibly a new weight loss idea)? Get onto it engineers, please. I may not be blogging about gadgets anymore, but I’m still keeping an eye out for great inventions of the future.

What would you like to see?

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