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Which e-reader deserves to be on your wish list?


I bought a Kindle e-reader when the new models came out a few weeks ago and have been very happy with it. It works flawlessly. I hope I am not tempting fate when I say that I’ve had no problems at all. And it is such a pleasure to pick it up and find my morning newspaper awaiting me automagically, and my book opening at the exact place I set it down last night. The Kindle’s screen is even very readable outdoors, a big plus for me, and you certainly can’t say that about most other device screens.

But if you’ve been thinking about an e-reader as a gift for yourself or someone you’re fond of, don’t take my word for it. Crave has done the research work for you by comparing the several different devices now out there in the e-reader market, everything from the iPad and Galaxy Tab to the Nook.

I don’t regret my choice–for one thing, the Kindle wi-fi model price was just 9. But I have to admit there is some other nifty reading hardware out there now.

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