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Wi-Fi detector cap-and-shirt make you a moving status indicator


Don’t be surprised if kids point at you and scream, “Look Mommy, that cap is lighting up!”. Or if people around disperse rather quickly as your T-shirt lights up without warning. The good part? Well, to know that you are near a strong 802.11b/g Wi-Fi network that you can crawl into and shut out the external world. And I think that’s a handsome compensation for the trouble you would have taken to dress yourself up with either this Wi-fi Detector Cap(.99), or the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt(.99) from ThinkGeek.

Both the cap and the shirt serve the geek-noble purpose of detecting a nearby Wi-Fi network, and also visually indicate the signal strength. And displaying this information for everyone to see spares you from having to check the availability of a hotspot yourself. Afterall, the proverbial geek is also a well-known sloth.

Via TechEBlog.

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