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Wii Fit Bulks Up

Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing the new Wii Fit Plus on October 4th to the joy of Wii Fit Fanatics and couch potatoes everywhere. The new, improved Wii Fit has some new features that will have players scrambling to get back on that balance board including new yoga activities and strength training as well as new games like “Rhythm Kung Fu”.


Gamers can also create their own specialized workout sessions based on the amount of time they have to spare at the moment. Health nuts will also be able to see the amount of calories they’ve burned during the session. And they’ve also added a way to weigh your pets so you can make sure that Fido and Kitty aren’t packing on the pounds. Users can seamlessly use activities on the original Wii Fit and the upgrade to work up a digital sweat with the goal of bring your Wii Fit age closer to your actual age.

The Wii Fit Plus bundle comes packaged with the game and the trademark Balance Board will set you back .99. If you were ahead of the curve and already own the original Wii Fit, you can pick up the upgrade disc separately for only .99.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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