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CNET updates tablet test results

Tabs on tabs on tabs – The iPad better watch its throne if tablets like these keep coming out.

Xiomara Blanco/CNET)

Editor’s note:This list was originally posted on July 25 and is updated regularly.

Back in March I posted test results for the most popular tablets at the time. Since then, many more tablets have been released and thanks to our new CNET Labs intern, Xiomara Blanco, we now have updated tests results for some of the newest non-Windows tablets.

Due to its somewhat unpredictable nature, I’ve removed Web site speed testing from the test suite. Web site speed tests are great for videos, since they take only a few seconds to run, are relevant to most people’s interests, and serve as a great comparison benchmark with the launch of a new tablet.

However, we’ve seen that results can change drastically with each OS update, and unfortunately we can’t keep each tablet in-house forever, and for many, we must eventually send them back to their respective vendors. So, comparing the Xoom running Android 3.0 with the Toshiba Thrive running the 3.2 version of Honeycomb isn’t all that fair.

As for battery life, we’ve found that results have much more to do with a tablet’s screen brigh… [Read more]

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