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Crave giveaway: Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Bell bottoms not included.


If your New Year’s resolutions include a vow to take more photos, you’re in luck. If you’re also resolving to incorporate more 1970s into your 2012, then your luck runneth over.

This week’s prize, a Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera, integrates a full-function 14-megapixel digicam with a Zink inkless printer that spits out 3×4-inch color prints on the go. Best of all for those who appreciate vintage chic, it looks a lot like its famed analog predecessor.

The Z340, which came out in November, costs $299.99 and gives you up to 25 prints on a battery charge. At almost 1.5 pounds, the device is a little on the heavy side, but sometimes that’s the price you pay to bear the weight of retro-coolness.

So how do you try to win this week’s prize? Let me enumerate the basic rules. Please read them carefully; there will be a test. Snap!

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