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DBest debuts ‘world’s smallest Bluetooth hi-fi system’

DBest PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker retails for $59.99 and actually sounds decent for its tiny size.

David Carnoy/CNET)

In the past, we’ve tested out tiny spherical accordion-style portable speakers and have always been a bit underwhelmed.

Enter the DBest London PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker ($59.99), which the U.K.-based company bills as the “world’s smallest Bluetooth hi-fi system.” It weighs a mere 2.3 ounces and measures smaller than a lot of Christmas ornaments (1.7×2.3 inches).

Of course, it’s not hard to make a small speaker, but the trick is to make it sound decent, and the DBest Solo manages to do that. OK, we’re not talking great sound, but the thing actually plays pretty loud, sounds clear enough, and offers some bass.

You can set it down on a table or hang it somewhere using that built-in hole you see at the top (the hole does make the speaker look a little too much like a Christmas ornament, but hey, maybe some people will like the idea of having music emanate from their trees next year).

You can lay the Solo flat on a surface or hang it up with a string or wire (not included).

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