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Nikon D4 arrives after leaks turn into flood


Nikon hits the important highlights with this replacement for the D3S: improved autofocus, increased durability, better performance, and more-competitive video capabilities.

We’ve been anticipating this one for a while–Nikon Rumors pretty much nailed it down on December 19–but a copy of Réponses Photo surfaced with the story just ahead of Nikon’s formal announcement.


According to the magazine, the D4 will replace the D3S; unlike Canon, Nikon doesn’t seem to be merging its vertical-gripped pro bodies into a single line. It should also be available before the 1D X, as well as cheaper, supposedly shipping in February for about $6,000. The lower price is unsurprising given the slightly slower burst and less magnified viewfinder, which are the features in a dSLR for which it’s increasingly expensive to eke out 1 more frame or a fraction of a multiple. In fact, it reportedly will retain the (quite good) viewfinder from the D3S.

Here are the specs as far as I know them (I will backfill wit… [Read more]

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