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PressReader 3 for iOS delivers newspapers, not just news

The Detroit News, as seen in PressReader 3's new SmartFlow mode.

Screenshot by Rick Broida)

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like newspapers.

Not the papers themselves, mind you, and all their environmental unfriendliness (paper, ink, landfill, etc.), but the layout and design. The big headlines and splashy photos. Even the ads. Newspaper apps may serve you the same news, but they just aren’t the same.

That’s one reason I continue to be a fan of PressReader, an iOS app that delivers more than 2,000 newspapers exactly as they appear in the real world.

PressReader is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch, but doesn't offer the new SmartFlow feature.

NewspaperDirect Inc.)

For example, as a Detroit native, I like to read my local paper, The Detroit News. There’s an app for that, but, frankly, it isn’t very good. It lacks the flavor of the print edition–and some of the content. Same goes for USA Today, a rag I’ve always enjoyed.

PressReader brings the full papers to my iPad. Because the pages are … [Read more]

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