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Sony launches first XQD cards. Step aside, CompactFlash

Sony's new 32GB QD-H32, an XQD flash memory card, has a retail price of $229.99.


Just in time for the flagship Nikon D4 SLR, Sony has announced an XQD flash memory card–the first example of a new format developed with better speed and capacity than its CompactFlash predecessor.

Most devices these days use smaller SD Card technology, but high-end SLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, and Sony still keep CompactFlash alive for performance and capacity reasons. The new XQD format follows in the same direction, trying to keep ahead of SD by borrowing the PCI Express (PCIe) high-speed serial communications link interface from computers.

Sony announced two models of the card, the 16GB QD-H16 card for $129.99 and the 32GB QD-H32 for $229.99. The cards are scheduled to be available in February.

And so that customers can transfer data off the cards without having to plug their cameras into a USB port, Sony also announced the $44.99 MRW-E80 card reader that plugs in with USB 3.0 and the $44.99 QDA-EX1 adapter that plugs into laptops with ExpressCard slot.

The cards can read and write data at up to 125MBps. That’s not necessarily faster than CompactFlash–… [Read more]

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