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Toshiba to debut 64GB USB 3.0 Flash drive at CES

Toshiba TransMemory-EX USB 3.0 flash drive.


Toshiba will introduce new USB 3.0 flash drives next week at the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas, as products using the faster USB interface begin to trickle out.

“SuperSpeed” USB 3.0 is about 10 times faster than current USB technology and will become standard in virtually all laptops when Intel’s Ivy Bridge silicon begins shipping this spring.

Toshiba says its TransMemory-EX flash drive will deliver speeds up to 22 times faster than previous models. That’s read and write speeds of 220 megabytes per second (MB/s) and 94 MB/s, respectively. That compares to USB 2.0 drives with 34 and 30 MB/s read-write speeds, respectively.

Storage options will be both 32GB and 64GB.

Pricing should be about $102 for the 32 GB TransMemory-EX drive $150 for the 64 GB version, according to a report.

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