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Toshiba to ship glasses-free 3D TV to U.S. in early 2012 (exclusive)

Toshiba's glasses-free 3D TV uses lenses to direct light to in separate left and right channels across nine different angles so 3D video can be seen from different vantage points.

Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Toshiba has confirmed to CNET that it plans to make a glasses-free 3D TV available to buyers in the U.S. sometime during the first quarter of 2012.

The set would be the first of its kind for the North American market, although Toshiba already has 55-inch glasses-free 3D TVs available for sale in Germany (the 55LZ2) and Japan (the 55X3). Both went on sale in December and retail for more than $10,000 in their home currencies.

A Toshiba representative told CNET that the U.S. version would be similar to those versions, but he couldn’t provide additional details, nor could he list available screen sizes (other than “big”) or model numbers yet. The Japanese and European 55-inchers utilize 4K (3,840×2,160-pixel) resolution screens, but the 3D mode is limited to an effective resolution of 1,280×720 pixels.

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