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Trendnet showcases first 802.11ac products at CES 2012

The new 802.11 AC wireless router TEW-811DR from Trendnet.


Trendnet, a vendor of affordable and green networking products, announced today the first 802.11ac networking products to be showcased at CES 2012.

The Trendnet 802.11ac TEW-800MB media bridge shares the same design as existing wireless N bridge from the vendor.


As introduced by networking chip-maker, Broadcom, recently, the 802.11ac wireless standard is the next generation of the 802.11 wireless technology with the 802.11n (or wireless N) currently being the mainstream. The new standard will initially offer up to 1300Mbps speed (compared to the top 450Mbps of the existing N standard), with the capability to scale up to 6.8Gbps in the future.

The new AC standard also uses the low 5Ghz band and incorporates a standardized beamforming tec… [Read more]

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