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Discover All The Things Your Iphone Can Do

Many people think the iphone is the best thing invented in ages. What makes people love this device so much? You will be provided with the answer to that question and be provided with other important iphone information.

There is no need to select the “x” box that follows a word that has been subjected to AutoCorrect. Just tap somewhere else on the screen instead. This closes the box and will save you some time.

TIP! Playing around with your iPhone can give you a better feel for the device. As you spend time toying with your phone, you will learn a lot.

One of the best features included on your iphone is its thorough and robust dictionary, which comes as a standard part of the operating system. You can take advantage of this reference tool in virtually any app. All you need to do is tap and hold on any given word and then select “Define” from the options that appear.

Apple offers a great variety of sounds to vary your experience with your iphone. The newest iphone technology allows you to crate custom tones for almost all functions-you can associate everything from emails to alarms with your favorite sounds. To buy new sounds, just scroll up as far as you can while using your sounds menu.

Should your iphone freeze up, do not be distressed. Make sure to first try the button that puts your phone to sleep and wakes it up. If you are unsuccessful, push it along with the home button. Doing so should bring up the option to reset your iphone by using the Power tab. After a few seconds, the phone should power up again.

TIP! Siri allows you to establish reminder notifications based on your location. No longer do you need to give Siri a time to remind you of a specific task.

When the weather is on your mind, the classical Weather App has always reigned supreme. You can get a breakdown of the weather for the twelve hours ahead with the weather application. Siri can also be asked for a detailed forecast.

If you have started writing an email but did not get it completed, don’t close the email, click on cancel instead. You’ll then be given the option to save your prose as a draft. Select yes, and then you can finish your email later.

Screen Protector

TIP! Try to refrain from downloading a large amount of movies on your device. A full motion picture takes up about 1g of space.

Purchase a protective screen for your iphone. If you don’t apply a screen protector, your phone can suffer from scratches and nicks. The hypersensitive screen can easily be damaged by dirt or even your fingers! It is in your best interest to always use a screen protector.

If you drop your beloved iphone in the water, resist the temptation to immediately turn it on and assess the damage. Take the time to dry the phone off as much as you possibly can, even leaving it overnight to dry. Turning a wet phone back on can cause it to permanently and fatally short circuit.

The iPhone’s calendar can be a great way to organize your life. You can use it faster and more efficiently by adding events directly instead of resorting to the “+” button. While you are viewing your calendar via the day, tap any hour and hold down. This will create a new entry on the time you chose. The quicker you can schedule things, the less time you’ll have to waste on it.

TIP! Knowing shortcuts to manipulate text on the phone can really help you get faster. You know that tapping twice on a word selects it.

As stated in the introduction, many people own an iphone. Before, you probably wondered what the big deal was about the iphone. However, after reading this article, you can see that it is to your advantage to own one of these phones!

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