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Product review: Western Digital 1 TB Scorpio Blue SATA 5200 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive WD10TPVT

I have had no issues and am very pleased with this drive. This is the largest capacity 2.5″ drive currently available on the market and is the SATA drive I have been waiting for (unlike the 1TB hard drives inside Western Digital’s 1TB Passport that has a soldered USB connection).

The drive is 12.5mm high compared to standard 9.5mm (due to 3 platters instead of the usual 2). The physical height is clearly advertised and I don’t think anyone should penalize the rating of this drive simply becuase they didn’t check before buying! The product is not at fault.

Just to be clear — the drive will NOT fit into most laptops/notebooks with hard drive bays designed to snugly fit a standard 9.5mm drive. My Dell E1505 notebook is a perfect example: I unscrewed the existing hard drive and it is pretty obvious there isn’t any space in the bay for an oversized 12.5mm drive. My Asus G51j on the other hand has a deeper drive bay and will fit the 1TB drive no problem. The drive can also fit into hard drive caddies that slot into the optical bay of a notebook IF you have the correct type of caddy.

I have write transfer rates of over 60MB/s as I copy files across to this drive for backup (I expect the transfer rate to slow down a bit as the drive fills up). The drive is very quiet and the operating temps are fine (I’ve seen it get up to 105F under heavy load versus advertised operating tolerance of up to 140F).

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