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‘We Use It Different, Different’: Making Sense of Trends in Mobile Phone Use in Ghana

Araba Sey

Publication Date: 
Mar 2011

Publication Type: 
Journal article

New Media & Society

Publication language: 


Drawing on ideas from the sustainable livelihoods approach to poverty reduction and the concept of technology appropriation, this article discusses findings from a mixed methods study exploring mobile phone use in Ghana. The results suggest that most respondents value their phone for the connectivity it affords with a variety of personal and professional contacts. In this sense, the mobile phone is not an overt means of poverty reduction for respondents but an integral part of their lives, in which it serves multiple functions. The study contributes empirical data to the emerging body of research on mobile phone communication in African countries

Global Regions: 
Sub-Saharan Africa

Research Paper – Link to or Upload
Sey, Araba. "‘We use it different, different’: Making sense of trends in mobile phone use in Ghana." New Media & Society. (2011)

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