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25 resolutions Google should make for 2012 [Galaxy Nexus contest winner]

Finally, after a two-day delay, we have a winner for a shiny, new Galaxy Nexus smartphone. We asked you to offer 2012 New Year’s resolutions for Google — and you did, and some too late to qualify (you missed the deadline, sorry). Among the many on-time submissions, we chose 25 resolutions that Google should consider for the year ahead.

The resolutions aren’t as broad as we expected and perhaps the prize is reason. More of you offered suggestions about Android than anything else. In the list below, some submitters appear more than one time, but they were only considered once in the prize drawing. We randomly chose from among all submitters meeting the deadline. In the interest of time — and preparation for next week’s Consumer Electronics Show — we didn’t check to see if all submitters met the other qualifications. We qualified the winner only and would have drawn another name had he failed to meet them (The two absolutely required with the resolution submission: Tweet the post and follow BetaNews on Twitter).

We assigned each contestant a number and used to randomly generate the winning number. We then confirmed the winner qualified, based on other tasks. To find the winner, scroll down and look for the name in green. We will contact him separately about the Galaxy Nexus, which we will buy based on his US carrier. Logistically, we may need a little time getting the smartphone to him, depending on where we must procure it.

My apologies. We were supposed to announce the winner on January 4. My daughter’s iPhone 4S was stolen that day (it’s not yet recovered and may never be) and editorially Friday going into CES seemed like a better time to post the resolutions. With that introduction, please read the resolutions and see the winner in green below. We’ll announce winners of the second HP TouchPad contest in a couple days.

The Cloud

Marty Barrett:

“Improve Google Music so that it rivals Apple’s iTunes”.

Christopher Grau:

“Transform Google Docs into a good Dropbox competitor, and improve its Android app”.

Troy Janda:

“Google should open Blogger to WordPress-type themes in 2012”.

Thomas Dromgoole:

“My New Year’s resolution for Google is to make the task in the calendar share-able just like the calendars are and make a Android app for the task system”.

Ben Riffer-Reinert:

“Develop a collaborative web-based Visual Studio competitor (a “Google Docs” for programming) and integrate it with Google code”.


“Completely revamp Google Mail so that it has the same functionality and ease of use for organizing archived emails into folders/subfolders as programs like Thunderbird”.



“Kickstart the Android@Home initiative that was announced at Google IO. Currently, only DIY electronics geeks are using the ADK. Google needs to get the manufacturers of home appliances, lighting and cars using the ADK in products that they are selling to consumers”.

Atif Zuberi:

“Get control of devices from manufacturers. If I own a phone I should be able to install a stock version of Ice Cream Sandwich on it, regardless. Even if companies like HTC and Samsung are offering customizations, I should be able to choose what runs on my device. I understand that as technology moves forward the hardware becomes more and more obsolete but instead of being up-to-date with the latest OS version with missing hardware dependent features why am I stuck with a phone that will not get any security updates etc”.

David Perry:

“Google should press hardware manufacturers to strive for a breakthrough in battery life issues. Constantly having to look for a power source to insure that our phones continue to work gets a bit tiring”.


“Come up with a hardware standard or at least rough standard so that multiple brands of Android phones can share accessories. The iPhone definitely has an edge in accessories, and they’ve done that by sticking with the same connector IN THE SAME SPOT for years. When the micro-USB port can’t be guaranteed to be in the same spot on every phone, accessory manufacturers can’t plan properly”.

Claude Dinkel:

“Mandate that OEMs update handsets and tablets to the latest version of Android supported by the hardware within 6 months of any major Android version release”.

Michael Black:

“Google should impose minimal product requirements for Android phone. A less than 4″ screen size and slow CPU doesn’t cut it when you want your product to be perceived as high end and to also steal badge snobs from competing companies like Apple”.

Neil T:

“Add webOS-style multitasking to Android”.

Chen Ming Chen:

“Do not buy RIM! Do not make the same mistake as HP”.

Chrome/Chrome OS


“Create a pure Google Chrome tablet to take on the iPad”.

Daniel Gianstefani:

“Get more manufacturers to include the Chrome OS in their products”.


“Integrate Chrome OS and Android. Android Applications and the Market would run on Chrome OS. Chrome browser and browser extensions/themes could be run on Android. Merge the desktop and mobile experience into one”.


“Make the Group Policy Templates for Chrome official and support them. For IT pros like myself, being able to manage and secure the company web browsers is key to having them adopted internally. Chrome is winning among consumers, but if Google wants to pass IE in the enterprise, they’re going to need to make a big deal of supporting company compliance and security”.


Claude Dinkel:

“Cut ties with manufacturers/OEMs involved in Apple’s supply chain”.

Ty Foreman:

“Utilize Motorola acquisition to develop unified intellectual property strategy amongst Android OEMs in fight against Redmond and Cupertino. The biggest winners in Android licensing can not continue to be your mobile OS competitors”.



Find a way to get my mother to move from Facebook to Google Plus. It’s not that she likes Facebook that much more, it’s that she’s already got a lot of content invested in FB, and her friends and all us kids are on FB. The amount of inertia Facebook has is why Google Plus is stagnant right now.

Ben Riffer-Reinert:

“Make a service that allows people to purchase tickets to events like movies, concerts, fund raisers and other local events. Integrate it with Google+ and Google Checkout”.

Corporate Strategy


“Resolve to better market your products. Announcing ICS & Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong and then waiting almost 2 months before Verizon actually released the phone was not good marketing. Only release products when they are ready for primetime (no more beta) and back it up with a big marketing push”.

Claude Dinkel:

“Mandate that all Android and Chrome OEMs reduce their use [of] conflict minerals by 15 percent within 1 year, and phase out all conflict minerals within 5 years. Offer significant financial incentives to those who meet or exceed all goals at least 6 months ahead of schedule”.

Larry Ryan:

“Sign Chuck Norris as a spokesperson”.

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