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A Participatory Designed M-Agriculture Solution for Rural Livelihood Promotion

Dr.Rizvi, S.M. Haider, Dr. Andy Dearden

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Report/White paper

Publication Date: 
Oct 2010

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 The paper is based on the findings and experiences of the Rural e-Services Project in India (ReSPI) which resulted in designing of Knowledge Help Extension Technology Initiative (KHETI).

ReSPI was an action research project to bridge the socio-economic divide digitally. The project has demonstrated that a right approach with appropriate mix of methodologies and social context could lead the designing of  Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions.

In the after math of the project and development of KHETI Technology, claims could be made that designing of Information Communication Technology solutions are very much possible with so called ‘less privileged groups’ using participatory interaction design methodologies and treating users as co-designers.

The paper describes strengths and challenges in the participatory designing processes of KHETI as an M-Agriculture system and examines how it addresses the problems of local poor farmers by recognising their socio-economic realities.

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Dr.Rizvi,S.M. Haider,Dr. Andy Dearden."Knowledge Help Extension Technology Initiative(KHETI)–A Participatory Designed M-Agriculture Solution for Rural Livelihood Promotions." (2010)


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