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Apple at Starbucks

When Steve Jobs has an idea, no way he is going to change his mind. If he decided to be the lead conductor of the sales of on-line music, the boss from Apple is going to give himself the means. To equip his iPod Touch with a Wi-Fi chip was, in a sense, the first stone of the future building. From now on, the trick is to accustom users to consume on iTunes in situation of mobility. And to do so, Apple signed a partnership with the coffee giant Starbucks. The users will have a free and unlimited access to Internet via the Wi-Fi network of the coffee shops. With 5800 points of access, Starbucks constitutes the vastest Wi-Fi network of the country! The service, which has been inaugurated on October 2nd, will count only 600 Starbucks around New York and Seattle.
At the same time, the “apple” will propose a service of mobile ringtones which will allow choosing, among 500,000 titles from the iTunes catalog, the music which the user would like to define as his ringtone on his mobile phone, for 99 cents.

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