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AT&T announces first 4G-capable laptop devices

By Tim Conneally, Betanews

Though AT&T hasn’t launched its next generation HSPA+ or LTE networks yet, the carrier Tuesday introduced the first LaptopConnect devices that will support the technologies.

The first LTE-capable device will be the USBConnect Adrenaline from LG, and the first device supporting HSPA+ will be the USBConnect Shockwave from Sierra Wireless.

The USBConnect Adrenaline can be used on the AT&T 3G network right now, but will support LTE once the network is ready to go. AT&T estimates that LTE will be available in select markets beginning in 2011, but has not specified further.

The Adrenaline also has a built-in GPS transciever, and a microSD memory slot supporting up to 32GB memory cards. It will be available for .99 after a two-year service agreement, minimum data plan and mail-in-rebate.

Like the Adrenaline, the USBConnect Shockwave is usable on the 3G signals available today, but will be able to take advantage of the faster HSPA+ network when it rolls out later this year. With a two-year service contract, AT&T is giving the Shockwave away for free.

“With the planned deployment of HSPA+ technology later this year, combined with the continued rollout of expanded backhaul, AT&T will have increased our 3G download or upload speeds multiple times in five years,” said Michael Woodward, vice president, Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “We have purposefully planned our path to LTE to create a wireless network where the transition from 3G does not give customers wireless whiplash.”

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