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CES 2010: Live from the Samsung press conference

By Tim Conneally and Patrick Roanhouse, Betanews

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SamsungCould Samsung be the next manufacturer with a Droid-quality smartphone on Android 2.1? And what are Samsung’s plans to include Internet connectivity — including a possible PC — in its newest line of HDTVs? Betanews’ Tim Conneally is on the scene with Samsung’s press conference at CES 2010.

2:59pm PT: That concludes Samsung’s presentation…and now it’s off to Panasonic for us.

2:51pm PT: Notebook computers can also act as a program guide and remote.

2:50pm PT: Omnia 2 can be a remote for the 9000 series LEDTV

2:48pm PT:


2:48pm PT:


2:47pm PT: Introducing Samsung’s first e reader. The E6. Premier content partner is Google.

2:45pm PT:


2:44pm PT:


2:44pm PT: LED projectors, monitors and signage will be released this year.

2:42pm PT: Doug Albregts, Vice President of IT Division at Samsung has taken the stage.

2:42pm PT:


2:41pm PT: They’re going over all the things already announced this week, the new point n’ shoot cameras and HD portable video cameras.

2:40pm PT:


2:40pm PT: can be touchable on BOTH sides of the screen…a novel approach to finger vision interruption.

2:40pm PT:


2:40pm PT: Samsung is showing off IceTouch MP3 player with transparent AMOLED touchscreen.

2:40pm PT:


2:39pm PT:


2:39pm PT:


2:39pm PT:


2:39pm PT: They’re re-announcing yesterday’s Samsung Moment ATSC mobile TV which we saw last night at CES Unveiled. We’ll post the video of this later on tonight.

2:39pm PT:


2:38pm PT: They’re moving ahead to mobile platforms, mentioning Windows Mobile and Android.

2:36pm PT:


2:36pm PT:


2:35pm PT: Rose: We are proud to deliver our first Blu-ray 3D disc, Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D

2:35pm PT:


2:34pm PT: Rose: We’re thrilled to be partnering with Samsung and Dreamworks to FINALLY bring 3D to the home.

2:34pm PT:


2:31pm PT:


2:31pm PT: 4 of the top 10 best-performing films of 2009 were 3D.

2:31pm PT:


2:31pm PT: Katzenberg: Because of 3D, we stand at a watershed moment for the entire movie industry. It has proven to be very big business, generating profits for movie studios and film school students alike…it may even decrease piracy.

2:30pm PT:


2:30pm PT:


2:30pm PT: Jeffery Katzenberg: A 3D version of Monsters vs. Aliens will be released on Blu-ray later this year.

2:29pm PT:


2:28pm PT: They’re donning the related 3D glasses.

2:28pm PT: Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks and Frederic Rose of Technicolor have taken the stage.

2:27pm PT: Samsung is working with content providers, and today they’re announcing that Dreamworks and Technicolor are partnered with Samsung to provide 3D content.

2:26pm PT:


2:25pm PT:


2:25pm PT:


2:24pm PT: They’re only featuring one LCD TV, and one Plasma TV, which is 1.4″ thick.

2:24pm PT:


2:23pm PT:


2:22pm PT: pencil thick thin


2:22pm PT: It comes with a proximity sensor to launch operating menu when the user is nearby. They’ve turned the remote into a touchscreen device which can broadcast what’s showing on TV when you’re watching Blu-ray discs.

2:22pm PT:


2:21pm PT: 9000 is less than .3″, less than the width of a pencil.

2:21pm PT: LED, LCDLED , and Plasma will all feature 3D capability. showing off the new units…9000, 8000, 7000 series

2:20pm PT:


2:20pm PT: “We will lead the industry in creating the 3D market this year…”

2:19pm PT: Just like the Toshiba Cell TV from earlier today, Samsung’s built-in 3D processor can also upconvert 2D to 3D.

2:19pm PT:


2:18pm PT:


2:18pm PT: Today, Samsung is announcing a complete 3D home ecosystem. a 3d TV, 3D Blu-ray player, and audio system. “The complete 3D experience at home.”

2:17pm PT:


2:17pm PT:


2:17pm PT:


2:17pm PT: 2.) 3D – “It’s clear, people love watching 3D film in theaters…Consumers are expecting the same 3D experience of the theater in their home.”

2:16pm PT:


2:15pm PT:


2:15pm PT: Apps from Blockbuster, netflix, picasa, travel channel, twitter, and more will be available on the Samsung Apps platform.

2:15pm PT:


2:15pm PT: Bada has not yet been mentioned by name, but it’s present in the background of the video being shown now.

2:14pm PT: “If you thought it was fun developing apps for your 3″ mobile screen, I have a 57″ TV to show you!”

2:12pm PT: Samsung Apps is the new multi-device app store.

2:12pm PT: 1.) Applications — Samsung is bringing together its TVs and Applications. Building off of last year’s Internet@TV.

2:10pm PT: “The future of home entertainment…” consists of 2 new pieces.

2:10pm PT: Samsung Electronics America’s President Tim Baxter is taking the stage to explain Samsung’s new approach to product delivery.

2:09pm PT: Samsung is going to focus on the delivery of Applications to its multiple device platforms and interconnectivity between these platforms.

2:08pm PT:


2:08pm PT: Samsung’s presence at CES is 100% carbon-neutral, part of the company’s growing “Planet Fiest” initiative.

2:07pm PT:


2:06pm PT:


2:06pm PT: Samsung is the #1 brand in mobile phones in the U.S, and they have a 25.4% marketshare in mobile devices.

2:05pm PT: The company’s goal is 10 million globally.

2:05pm PT: In just 8 months, 2.6 million Samsung LED TVs were sold, grabbing an 80% market share in the U.S.

1:51pm PT: We’re about ten minutes away from Samsung’s presentation. It’s very crowded in here, no doubt the most popular event thus far.

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