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Cure rogue touchpad contact

There has been a general theme of downsizing when it comes to laptops. While this has helped to make computers more easily portable than ever before, it has also exacerbated a problem long plaguing laptop users: Rogue touchpad contact. Not everyone is an adept touch typist and for many people this means looking at the keyboard whilst typing. Should the palm of your hand stray on the touchpad, you may not notice until a large portion of text has been overwritten or typed in the wrong place. This is something that Touchpad Blocker can help you with.

A laptop should is supposed to mean freedom — to work wherever you choose. You could pop a mouse into your laptop bag so avoid the problem of working with a touchpad, but this is just something else to remember, something else to carry around, and something else to lose. Touchpad Blocker is a free app that enables you to intercept and block accidental touchpad touches to prevent them from interfering with your typing.

This makes Touchpad Blocker different to other applications that have been designed to help with the same problem. Other programs have a tendency to allow the touchpad to be completely disabled but Touchpad Blocker does a good job of only blocking it when needed. This works by disabling the touchpad whenever the keyboard is being used and for a short period of time afterwards.

You also have the option of configuring keyboard shortcuts that can be used to disable the accidental tap detection, but a shortcut can also be used to enable or disable the touchpad altogether for times when this is more appropriate. The features of the program may sound simple, but if you have ever been frustrated by the positioning of your touchpad, this is a seriously useful tool.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the tool by paying a visit to the Touchpad Blocker review page.

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