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Gibberbot is designed for people who need to chat securely. If you and the person you are communicating with are both able to use it, secure chat can be used as a replacement for email and text messaging.

Gibberbot should work on any Android phone. It’s probably best for users who are reasonably comfortable chatting and handling their phone, and it’s only currently available in English.

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Gibberbot is an instant messaging app for Android phones, developed by The Guardian Project. Gibberbot implements off-the-record messaging (OTR). Off-the-record messaging is a way to conduct an instant messaging conversation with the following attributes

  • Encryption. An eavesdropper cannot read your messages
  • Authentication. You can verify the identity of the person you’re chatting to – or at least of the account they are using.
  • Deniability. It is not possible for a third party to prove that a particular user sent or received a particular message.
  • Perfect forward secrecy. It is not possible for an attacker to decrypt a previous conversation, even if he/she obtains the encryption keys used to encrypt it.

Gibberbot can also use Orbot to route your chats over the Tor network. This prevents an observer from following the source and destination of your messages (effectively, from knowing you are chatting) and provides a way to circumvent web censorship that may involve chat servers being blocked.

Off-the-record messaging only works when both parties in the conversation are using it. This means both parties need to use Gibberbot, another mobile app, or chat software that supports it. Currently Gibberbot is the only option we know of for mobile phones. Off-the-record plugins are available for several PC chat programs, including Pidgin (Windows and Linux), Adium (Mac), Trillian (Windows) and Miranda (Windows).

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App resides and runs on a mobile phone
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  • When used with Orbot, Gibberbot combines the security, privacy and anonymity provisions of off-the-record messaging with the additional anonymous browsing and circumvention protection of the Tor network.
  • Gibberbot is currently the only implementation of off-the-record messaging for mobile phones that we are aware of.
  • The code for Gibberbot is open source and freely available for download – there are no costs involved except your airtime while chatting.
  • The project encourages user feedback through a mailing list, feedback form on their website, twitter account and IRC channel.

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