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Hulu Plus survey hints at ad-free premium content packages, HBO, Showtime integration

By Tim Conneally, Betanews

According to a survey given to Hulu Plus testers, the streaming web TV service might consider offering ad-free content packages on top of the existing Hulu Plus subscription.
Hulu Survey

The options Hulu is considering include: movie packages that feature classic movies, indie and foreign fims, documentaries or “back catalog” studio films; Premium Channel add-ons like HBO or Showtime; or On-demand premium TV with the option to rent or buy like Amazon On Demand.

While these types of satisfaction surveys frequently amount to nothing, similar surveys were released by Netflix before its streaming on demand service came to different platforms, and the Playstation Network Plus service was foretold in a 2009 survey long before it was officially launched in June 2010.

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